The Flock’s Premiere in April

After years of work and months of final touches, we have been invited by Ethnografilm to premiere The Flock at the Ciné 13 Theatre in Paris, France. Look for more screening announcements soon!

Picture Lock

This is what it looks like when you’ve been telling and retelling a story for several years, and you’re trying to find the right way to wrap it up. From left to right, those screenshots were from March 28th, July 26th, and August 20th (all 2015) when we shot and re-shot some of my segments … [Read more…]

It’s now down to the edit, but we need your help!

Last month we collected our remaining interviews and are now deeply entrenched within the editing process. As I’ve compiled interviews and edited the story together, the need to interview Joe has become more and more evident.  I hope to persuade him to submit to an interview within the next month or two.  I think being … [Read more…]

New Crew Member

Joe and I have a new addition to our crew, which means our production has been slower than we expected. However, after a few sleepless months we are back on track and project that our film will see an October 2014 release date.

the Stories We Tell

Stories We Tell is in my top 5 for 2013, and probably in Cara’s top 10, if not higher. There have been many times when I’ve talked about our documentary that I’ve suggested this movie to people, as something to watch with a similar take on a different story. It shares many themes with our film, … [Read more…]