1. Michael Whitehill

    Interesting Joe, that after the amount of time that has passed, that this is a project that is on your heart to do. Don’t know exactly what you are looking for in terms of a personal resolution, perhaps a catharsis of sorts? I don’t think that much of the body of Christ has any real idea of what transpired there. Since you are in contact with Ron Burks, you are probably aware of his book ” Damaged Disciples”. This actually was directed to us through Ron. I don’t know how we could assist in your efforts, but you are welcome to present us with any ideas you may have. If you can’t remember who I am or my wife Becky, we lived a few blocks away from you in Mobile. Becky helped Francis when she was doing all the hand cut, and painted items, for Christmas. Sincerely, Michael Whitehill

  2. Jennifer Jadama


    I really look forward to watching this movie when you are done. I often wondered why you guys moved to Mobile and away from all our family. All of Mom’s family left the valley except Uncle John and Aunt Patricia….. That always seemed weird to me as a child.

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