Movies in Frames published my submission for Whores’ Glory, which I can’t reblog because that’s just how Tumblr doesn’t work.

Frankly, I was surprised at how beautifully shot this film was, capturing some very dark and ugly corners of the world. I went looking for articles or interviews on their filmmaking methods and found a few with more information from the director, Michael Glowagger. It simultaneously defies logic and makes absolute sense then that it was shot on film, Super16.

Whore’s Glory: Interview with Michael Glawogger

It looks a little warmer for me and I don’t really in an artistic way like the over-sharpness of digital imagery. Imagery is your paint, it makes something of a film if you do it this or that way. And also I always enjoyed the restriction of not filming everything or from every angle without even knowing why and how. So, I like to think about it, I like to create an image of my film and the restriction that film has is something valuable is something that works for my process of working. It’s very easy to become irrelevant if you come to the set with camera already turned on and you film everything all the time. It’s really hard to stay relevant these days.