When 12 Years a Slave comes to your city, you must watch it.  Yes, it presents a brutally honest depiction of slavery, however the truly amazing thing is the film itself.  I have always been a fan of Steve McQueen, but it’s amazing how in just three feature films he has grown as a director.  He really utilizes the medium of film and elevates it to an art form. There are many shots where no dialogue is present, yet the shot speaks volumes.    The editing and cinematography are beautiful and the sound bridges, especially in the beginning of the film, create an extraordinary fluidity.    In 12 Years a Slave it’s particularly evident that his background is within art.  He puts the medium and the story on an equal level and it’s quite moving.

My only criticism would be a few casting choices.  The woman who plays Eliza seems disjointed and it’s clear that Brad Pitt is only in it because his company produced it.   Nevertheless,  it’s truly what film should be.  A+