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In Freud’s masterwork “On Narcissism,” he connected narcissism with the desire to remain in a state of infancy, arguably a by-product of the fact that human beings take longer to develop independence than any

brightwalldarkroom: “What is it about us, as humans. that needs to tell stories? Why are we so desperate to have narrative? Why is it not possible for us to just live in the mess? We

filmprojections: film-dot-com: HOW FEDERICO FELLINI CONVINCED THE NEW POPE TO ACCEPT GAY PEOPLE You may have heard that The Pope is suddenly cool with homosexuality. In an interview with America Magazine, Pope Francis I said

wait… bounce came from gay rappers?!?  fuck, yeah, New Orleans this gives me hope for America, and reminds me of a quote I saw last week about the voice of a generation not really

iloveyoutous: Francine Kreiss at work

nope. fuck that. this will be in my nightmares soon.

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Then, when we can bear to wait no longer, I will fuck your brains out, which I can only say once because to utter that word again would jeopardize our PG-13 rating. We will