two weeks in

We’re two weeks into our trip now and I’ve been too busy to really write much of an update on our progress. According to the crew, I keep telling the same stories over and over again to each person we come across, and some how laugh at my own jokes every time as if they’re new. I probably learned that skill as a bureaucrat and a small business owner. Here are some snippets from those conversations for everyone else out there following along:

  • the Dolphin is coming apart at the seams, literally. In California we don’t get any rain from May to October and that’s the only time we ever use this little RV, so wet weather is not something it’s accustomed to.
  • we’ve been really surprised at how nice everyone is, throughout the South. None of the crew had ever been west of Utah. It’s a cliché that you don’t expect to be so true.
  • Louisiana is our favorite state so far.
  • Cracker Barrel is for old people, but the biscuits are delicious
  • most of the people in northern Florida don’t look happy
  • we’ve interviewed 14 people on camera so far
  • we should have added a line in our Release Forms promising ever participant that they’d receive a copy of the finished film.
  • southern sweet tea is the nectar of the gods, even though we’ve made ourselves sick on it a few times
  • we had to push start the Dolphin twice because the starter went bad. In a miraculous twist, my brother Linc had a replacement for us and put it on in just a few minutes
  • the food has been amazing. It would be so nice if someone opened a restaurant with southern food in Chico, and we’re sure they’d be successful.
  • We thought we’d have a lot of downtime traveling, so we brought lots of movies to watch. In the first 2 weeks we only watched 2 movies.
  • everything is so much cheaper here