First weekend of shooting

Mother’s Day weekend was our first outing for shooting on the Flock, and thanks to our gracious hosts, it went great!

We drove down to Santa Barbara on Thursday evening, and had three full days to settle in for as many stories as we could record. I’ve always thought that my mom should be the first person I interview for this movie, though I knew it would take quite awhile to get through all of the questions. She kept saying she “only needed an hour” to tell her side. Looking over the footage, it was quite a bit more than an hour, but that may be because I also wanted to know about her childhood and where she grew up.

This was a nice start for our crew, in a more relaxed atmosphere than we’re likely to find in later, more time-sensitive shoots. Next month we’ll be heading out for many more destinations, so I’m glad we were able to get more comfortable with each other and the process. Below you’ll find just a few screencaps of our time shooting in Santa Barbara. If you’re interested in keeping up with our progress, subscribe to our mailing list using the form to the right, and check back to this site often.